Optical Image Technology Releases New Version of DocFinity Suite

Jul 15, 2005

Optical Image Technology, Inc. (OIT) has released a new version of the DocFinity Software Suite, Version 9. The new release of DocFinity contains a Web Services API that enables administrators to grant access to information stored in the DocFinity software through a Web portal or custom application, so that users won't need to juggle multiple applications to retrieve information. It also contains a new cross-platform Viewer as part of the Web-access module. It is capable of viewing many image formats including full TIFF support, COLD line data, and many other file formats over the Web, and has the ability to make annotations to those files.

The Version 9 release also includes an improved Web-based Workflow piece, written in Flash technology from Macromedia. The new workflow piece also boasts several new features, including automated workflow task executions, improved supervisory tools, server warnings management, and many others. Version 9 is capable of the following tasks: editing files and documents through the Web; configuring settings for multiple applications from one location and interface; accessing files and database information in a uniform way; providing more server-side processes for growth and future releases.