Opencola Releases Enterprise Solution

Feb 18, 2003

Opencola Ltd, has announced the release of Opencola Enterprise, a knowledge management solution designed to give employees the ability to search for all relevant information at the same time, find people who have relevant information, and share that information over a secure peer-to-peer network. Opencola allows users to create local folders on topics that the user already tracks and automatically find other people who have relevant information. Information can then be shared from desktop to desktop via the peer-to-peer network instead of uploading to a central repository. Opencola can perform one search that includes search engines, news sites, local drive, shared drive, user's shared desktops, Intranet, and email. Opencola supports Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, as well as all .html and .txt files. Opencola's solution controls the services available on the network, but all policies are enforced on the desktop machines. The Opencola network system architecture is a blend of peer-to-peer networks and client/server architectures. Opencola features include: search & retrieval; search all sources at once--compiles to one list; re-sorts /refreshes list based on relevancy; discovers and suggests other relevant people; browse other people's shared knowledge; and knowledge and file sharing. Opencola operates on Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition/2000/Me/XP.