Unveils Independent eBookstore Featuring "Read Before You Pay" Business Model

Feb 19, 2015

Independent eBookstore revealed its online destination where readers read first, then decide how much they want to pay based on what they feel a book is worth and how much they can afford. The majority of payment proceeds is being passed directly to the author. not only allows unlimited copying and sharing of ebooks but also encourage users to do so. The publishing platform is currently in closed beta with user-feedback playing an integral role in shaping it for official launch.

For authors, provides authors with a 70% share from net revenue sales, while maintaining all rights to their properties. With easy ebook copying and sharing, authors have the opportunity to earn money from non-ecommerce sources as every ebook comes with an embodied payment link, allowing readers to pay for any book given to them by friends. Additionally, offers promotional support and eliminates enrollment periods to create easy self-publishing.