Open Text to Offer FirstClass to UK and Ireland's Educational Community

May 16, 2003


Open Text Corporation's FirstClass Division announced an agreement with CHEST, a division of EduServ, to offer its messaging, collaboration, and unified communications software to the higher and further education sectors across the UK and Ireland. CHEST, a not-for-profit organization, negotiates for all forms of commercially available electronic resources, including software, on behalf of its members in the education and research communities in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Through the CHEST agreement, FirstClass is available to academic organizations to create their own customized online learning environments. FirstClass is a solution for designed academic organizations to support and develop the needs of educational environments. Using FirstClass, it is possible to create a secure and customizable learning community that is a suitable forum for teaching staff, students, alumni, parents, and administrators to share information and resources. FirstClass is available through CHEST and includes the FirstClass Server, User Licences, Internet Services, Designer, Rapid Application Developer and Palm Sync applications. Maintenance and Support is included for the duration of the Agreement.

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