Open Text Releases FirstClass Collaboration Suite 9.0

Jun 26, 2007

Open Text Corp. has released the FirstClass Collaboration Suite 9.0, the latest version of its communications and collaboration software for organizations and businesses. This release provides customers with features including support for archiving services to address compliance risks, extended mobility support, and enhancements in applications including Mail, Contacts and Calendars. FirstClass 9.0 offers a set of integrated applications that are designed to enable customers to create collaborative online communities that securely connect people and resources via any internet-accessible device. FirstClass enables communication within a secure networked environment with applications such as email, instant messaging, calendars, contact management, workgroup, collaboration, web publishing, blogging, and archiving.

Highlights of the new features for FirstClass 9.0 include; FirstClass Archive Services-- developed to address legal and compliance issues, FirstClass Archive Services provide policy-driven automatic archiving capabilities at the server level. Retention policies can be specified on a per-group basis and archived messages can be accessed by the Archive administrator to prevent tampering; Unicode Support--Support for Unicode enables FirstClass applications to include all possible national characters. This includes messages, document bodies, forms fields and even system data such as names, user IDs and passwords. Unicode support is also fully integrated into FirstClass Internet Services for inbound and outbound mail and web publishing; Application Enhancements--Users can now combine multiple calendars into one view. Each calendar can be color-coded and displayed or hidden in the combined view. New sorting options have been provided for Contacts, and Contact addresses can be automatically mapped using Internet-based mapping services. Navigation Enhancements--The new InstantSearch feature provides a tool for filtering all fields displayed in a given application window. The Launch Bar can also be customized by administrators and end users.