Open Text Releases FirstClass 8.0

Aug 10, 2004


Open Text Corporation's FirstClass division has announced the release of FirstClass 8.0, a new version of the company's suite of integrated communication and messaging capabilities. The release includes both the FirstClass Business Edition and the FirstClass Education Edition, which is tailored to meet the requirements of FirstClass' education customers.

New features in FirstClass 8.0 include: instant messaging and presence management, which indicates online status for every user automatically, turning email messages, collaborative postings, calendar events, and contact entries into context-sensitive "buddy lists." FirstClass Directory Services (FCDS), which enables bi-directional user administration between FirstClass and meta-directories, as well as providing access to FirstClass directories from end-user client applications. Security enhancements such as always-on CAST-128 encryption between the client and server, as well as additional support for user authentication and automated detection and prevention of denial-of-service attacks. Email security improvements include S/MIME support for secure server-to-server email transmission and integration with third-party virus scanning engines. FirstClass 8.0 also adds expanded spam management capabilities. FirstClass Explorer provides the full benefits of the FirstClass client as an ActiveX plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer.

FirstClass 8.0 will be available on a variety of computing platforms, including Microsoft Windows (95, 98, NT, 2000, and XP versions), Apple Macintosh (OS 8, OS 9 and OS X versions), HTML/Web, and Linux. FirstClass 8.0 also includes a number of performance optimizations, tuning enhancements, and system statistics for increased performance and higher reliability. FirstClass 8.0 is available for free to all customers who are members of the FirstClass Support and Maintenance Program.