Open Text Launches Online Community for Government Customers

Apr 16, 2004

Open Text Corporation, provider of Livelink collaboration and content management software for the enterprise, has introduced an online community of practice for government customers. The community, based on Livelink, is intended to provide an always-open forum to share ideas and best practices for applying enterprise content management (ECM) software in government. The community already has about 120 members, including representatives from U.S. government agencies, the U.S. military, and government contractors who oversee Livelink for their organizations. An Open Text team also participates in the forum.        

Open Text hosts the forum in a Livelink community workspace which provides collaboration tools--such as a Weblog and community polls--so members can share opinions and ideas. Using the browser interface or email, community members can share documents, articles, presentations, URLs, media files, and other materials of interest to members. The community contains information on new technology, training and user adoption, government IT standards and requirements, government technology events and webinars, and Livelink product updates. Other tools allow users to rate content shared in the forum and receive email alerts when new information is added to the site. Subcommunities are also being created, with the first already launched for users in the U.S. Air Force. Other subcommunities are planned in the months ahead.

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