Open Text Launches Livelink Review Manager for Adobe Acrobat Software

Sep 26, 2003

Open Text Corporation, provider of Livelink collaboration and content management software for the enterprise, has announced that it will release a new product this month called Livelink Review Manager for Acrobat, which is designed to allow users to securely execute multiple, parallel reviews of legal and regulatory documents. The solution helps organizations manage and track changes to important documents needed for regulatory compliance. Livelink Review Manager was developed as part of Open Text's relationship with Adobe Systems Incorporated and is part of Open Text's strategy for the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Livelink Review Manager for Acrobat integrates the review and comment features of Acrobat with Livelink's document management features.

With Livelink Review Manager for Acrobat, users' changes are maintained in separate comment files within the repository and linked to the original document. The input from reviewers can then be assessed and consolidated by editors, who are the only ones with access to the original, which is protected in Livelink. The solution also adds a Review Comments tab to Livelink, giving document authors access to review history, including the names of the reviewers, a link to the associated comment files, and the dates and times when the comment files were modified. Other capabilities include: support for a parallel, real-time review process by any number of reviewers; document security through Livelink's permission model; audit trails; and the ability to comment on other reviewers' suggestions.

Livelink Review Manager for Acrobat provides the review processes for a larger document "lifecycle" solution Open Text introduced late last year called Livelink for Regulated Documents. Livelink for Regulated Documents is a series of integrated tools that are designed to give companies a uniform, compliant process for managing documents through a pre-defined lifecycle, which includes document authoring, reviews, approvals, and dissemination.

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