Open Text Launches Digital Media Group

Oct 21, 2005

Open Text Corporation, an independent provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, has announced that it has formed the Artesia Digital Media Group to help customers address growing competitive and regulatory pressures to improve the management of digital content, such as audio, video, photos, and graphics. Open Text's Artesia subsidiary is the core of the new group, providing its digital asset management (DAM) software as part of Open Text's suite of Livelink ECM Solutions.

Open Text's new digital media group will provide support for the production, management, collaboration, and distribution of all types of rich media content. The Group was formed to help customers meet growing competitive and regulatory requirements by improving the management of digital content in two key ways: By moving it from legacy, analog-based systems to new digital systems; and by managing this rich media along side other content types, such as documents and records. Open Text has appointed Scott Bowen, co-founder and former president of Artesia Technologies, to lead the Artesia Digital Media Group.