Open Text Launches “Communities” Software for Collaboration; Extends SAP Solution Integration

Oct 22, 2004


Open Text Corporation, a provider of enterprise content management (ECM) software, has introduced a solution for online "communities of practice" and an extension of its suite of ECM products.

Open Text's communities of practice solution is designed to bring together people in an organization with similar responsibilities or interests. The solution allows, for example, marketing professionals or purchasing managers to connect in ways they couldn't before, providing a forum where they can share information and best practices, and improve processes. Called Livelink for Communities of Practice, the solution provides a central workspace in Livelink where members can publish relevant news, share documents, participate in member Weblogs, arrange online meetings, and hold Webcasts. The solution also tracks the contributions of participants to help members identify experts in the community on specific subjects. With Livelink for Communities of Practice, each community workspace offers a newspaper-like front page with syndicated headlines and content sections, where interesting patterns and trends are "bubbled up" for the community. Livelink for Communities of Practice is available immediately and works with Livelink 9.2 or higher on all supported platforms.

Open Text has also introduced an extension of its suite of ECM products that integrate with the complete range of SAP solutions, including financial, human resources, and other business applications. IXOS Suite for SAP solutions lets customers store, manage, retrieve, and archive documents from SAP systems such as mySAP ERP Financials and mySAP Human Capital Management. The solution is designed to integrate business documents into SAP solutions and promote the consistent flow of information among employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners. The major new feature in the new version of IXOS Suite for SAP solutions is integration with SAP NetWeaver. Other capabilities include: support for SAP Enterprise Portal; cross system customer or project folders; and cross-application workflow. IXOS Suite for SAP Version 6.0 is available immediately.