Open Text Introduces New KM Tools For Large Organizations

Nov 08, 2002

Open Text Corporation, provider of Livelink, a collaboration and knowledge management software, has introduced solutions for Livelink that are designed to allow users to evaluate the quality of knowledge across a large enterprise, improve the precision of search results, and provide integrated expert identification. The solutions offer a way to address information overload in large companies by helping users find information quickly and helping companies better leverage knowledge across the enterprise. Livelink Naturalizer, which will be offered as part of the core Livelink product, lets users enter their query as a natural language question, rather than having to learn the computer's query language. Naturalizer applies algorithms that leverage the metadata in the Livelink repository to interpret the meaning of the question and return the results sought by the user. Companies can also customize the search rules in Naturalizer to fit specific needs, such as the terminology used in a specific industry or company. Livelink Recommender is designed to evaluate the usefulness of content as users browse or search in Livelink, and it identifies other potentially useful related items. Recommender identifies experts based on who has created content, and identifies other users with similar interests. By identifying experts and other important users, Recommender gives people sources in the organization who can answer questions and provide additional information. Recommender will be offered as a module for Livelink.

Open Text has also introduced Livelink MeetingZone 2.0. MeetingZone 2.0 is designed to offer a more flexible platform for online team meetings and new features such as the ability to reconvene meetings with a click to carry over unfinished business. Features of Livelink MeetingZone 2.0 include: detailed agendas with attachments for each agenda item; task assignments to participants, recording assignments and sending reminder emails; all notes and details from the meeting can be saved, so those that missed the meeting can catch up; greater interactivity among meeting participants (ad hoc polls, private instant messaging, group chat, whiteboarding, agenda annotations, shared notes, URLs, presentation slideshows and application sharing); multiple views of a meeting (a personal view and a presenter's view); increased flexibility (users can add documents, slideshows, or other content as needed from Livelink or other content repositories); new tools let hosts add new participants during a meeting; and new meetings can be created using templates based on previous meetings. Livelink MeetingZone is intended to let Livelink and non-Livelink users access meetings using a standard Web browser from any location, so organizations can extend real-time collaboration to customers, suppliers, consultants and other partners. Livelink MeetingZone is designed to offer a more secure environment because virtual meetings occur behind a company's firewall, rather than hosted at another location. Participation in meetings is also password protected. Beta trials for Livelink MeetingZone 2.0 are underway and Open Text will release the product later this month.