Open Text Introduces Livelink Corporate Governance Platform

Jun 17, 2003

Open Text Corporation, provider of Livelink, collaboration and knowledge management software for the enterprise, is launching a corporate governance platform for Livelink, giving companies a single system to manage critical information and collaboration in the face of tough Sarbanes-Oxley regulations. The solution offers a Web-based regulatory compliance infrastructure that companies can deploy to track, report, and manage the regulatory processes associated with corporate governance. Open Text's solution is designed to reduce the risks and uncertainty associated with a law that is ushering in the most radical changes to corporate governance and accounting in 70 years. The solution integrates Livelink's collaboration tools, auditable workflows and process controls, document and records management, email management, and certification and training delivery. Open Text's solution provides an integrated enterprise platform designed to help companies with key requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley, including: Process control documentation and monitoring--the need to identify, test, and certify internal controls; Accelerated deadlines for 10K and 10Q disclosure filings, combined with more rigorous requirements for supporting documentation; Training and certification to ensure that board members, executives, and employees are fully aware of the latest policies and procedures; Whistle-blower provisions, which require audit committees to have an independent and anonymous process for receiving and managing complaints; and Consistent records retention and disposition practices for both released documents and working papers. Features of Open Text's solution include: COSO Framework; document lifecycle management; records management; collaboration; training; content; and adaptability. Open Text's Livelink solution for corporate governance is available immediately.  For more information, go to:

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