Open Text Introduces LegalKEY Risk Indicator

Apr 03, 2007

Open Text Corporation, an independent provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software and solutions, has announced LegalKEY Risk Indicator, a solution designed for conflicts analysts at law firms to identify high-risk conflicts of interest.

LegalKEY Risk Indicator, which is being offered as part of Open Text's LegalKEY Conflicts Management solution, is designed to enable law firms to set up a risk matrix and assign categorizations, such as "high risk potential," depending on the matrix. This can help conflicts managers to identify those conflict "hits" that are the most critical to the firm. Hits that meet the criteria for high risk can appear at the top of the conflicts report, so attorneys will see the most important information first before reviewing the rest of the hits that might not be as critical.

LegalKEY Conflicts Management provides thorough conflict of interest searches against internal and external (e.g. OFAC/SDN) sources for optimal firm protection. Firms can execute searches against current, accurate, and comprehensive data to identify any potential conflicts and provide attorneys with reports based on information indexed in real-time.