Open Text Introduces Content Archiving for Microsoft

Aug 12, 2005

Open Text Corporation, an independent provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, has unveiled a content archiving solution for Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies.

Open Text's Livelink ECM--Document Archiving for Microsoft SharePoint is a solution that automatically archives documents from SharePoint Products and Technologies in compliance with specific requirements or industry standards. Users can access archived content as quickly as before--the archiving process is transparent to users. The solution also scales to meet customers' growing archiving needs, with the ability to manage hundreds of gigabytes and even terabytes of digital content. A key benefit of Open Text's archiving solution is that customers can use a single, long-term archive as a repository for all content across the enterprise. Documents and information--from Word Documents to invoices to emails coming from SharePoint Products and Technologies, ERP, CRM, email or other ECM systems--can be maintained in the Open Text archive. The archive provides secure, long-term storage, full-text search, and access from native applications.

Key features of the Document Archiving for Microsoft SharePoint solution include: Security, Authenticity, which allows the user to archive content on a variety of secure storage media; apply time stamps and system signatures to ensure authenticity and accuracy; and auditing capabilities to track activity for each document; rule-based archiving, which allows users to configure storage rules to control what content is archived and to which storage media. Microsoft SharePoint Document Library attributes can be mapped to document attributes in Open Text's content archive, enabling specific archiving processes to be applied to specific types of documents; and a comprehensive search, which allows users to simultaneously search across content in SharePoint databases and in the Open Text archive. Consolidated results give users a unified interface and look and feel, separated according to online or archived content. Open Text's content archive works with all major storage systems, including those from Hitachi Data Systems, StorageTek, Network Appliance, EMC, HP, Sun Microsystems and IBM, giving customers the flexibility to use or migrate to different storage platforms to meet changing needs.