Open Text Announces Livelink ECM 10

Nov 14, 2006

Open Text Corporation, an independent provider of enterprise content management (ECM) software and solutions, has announced Livelink ECM 10, the next major release of its ECM offering.

Some of what's new in Livelink ECM 10 is available immediately, with the rest being rolled out in 2007. New features in Livelink ECM 10 include: Enterprise Library Services, where in Livelink ECM 10, integrated archival, metadata management, enterprise records management, and search capabilities are exposed as Enterprise Library Services, providing organizations with the ability to implement retention strategies. In addition to managing content stored in Livelink ECM repositories, Livelink ECM 10 also provides the ability to manage the metadata and lifecycle of content stored in enterprise applications from vendors such as Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle, as well as business content stored in Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003, email, file systems, and other repositories.

ECM 10 also provides Bridging Business Content with Enterprise Applications, where Livelink ECM 10 offers new features designed to allow users to access business content in ERP systems, such as customer information or purchase order documents, from their Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 interface; Flexibility for Provisioning Basic Content Services, where Livelink ECM 10 provides organization with the flexibility to build and deploy solutions on any Basic Content Services offering such as SharePoint Portal Server 2003, while managing the retention of the business content with Enterprise Library Services; Emphasis on User Experience, with the addition to Livelink ECM's web-based user interface, Livelink ECM 10 will feature a new rich client interface, providing access to business content from within Microsoft desktop applications including Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, Microsoft Office 2003, and Microsoft Explorer; New Web Services APIs, where Livelink ECM 10 will provide published web services APIs for Enterprise Library Services and Livelink Content Services, allowing customers and partners to integrate Livelink ECM 10 capabilities with enterprise applications, customize the user experience, and enable organizations to build content-centric applications; and Best Solutions Enablement Platform, Livelink ECM 10, with its underlying Enterprise Library Services and web services APIs, are designed to enable organizations to deploy content- enabled applications.