Open Mobile Platforms and Internet Video Trends

Jan 04, 2008

MultiMedia Intelligence identifies its 2007 macro trends that will have the greatest future impacts. The first is the evolution of the handset from a dedicated device to an open platform, lead by the iPhone market launch and Google's new Android initiative. The second is the movement of internet video into the main stream, as video sites move from driving traffic to driving monetization.

MultiMedia Intelligence is seeing the rise of a new class of mobile devices that are application-centric with voice functionality. These devices are internet browsers, music players, text messengers, and e-mail devices first . . . and they still make voice calls. Operators are responding to the coming explosion of this product class and have embraced it by opening their networks. The result is that 2007 marks an inflection point in the handset market as handsets migrate towards open platforms.

The fact also remains that advertising dominates video monetization globally, and advertising is now beginning to dominate internet business models. The internet video market seems to be embracing advertising as social networking and user generated content sites paved the way, moving from "land grab" to monetization. Media companies, experimenting across a variety of distribution scenarios and business models, are using their internet offerings to drive discovery, engagement, and community surrounding their TV network programming.