Oodle Gets Split Up Between Buyers

Jan 03, 2013

Classified ads have been the workhorses of the newspaper revenue world for as long as anyone can remember. So is it any surprise that Oodle, a large online classified ad network, is so in demand that it's being carved up between three buyers. It has, however, resulted in a rather confusing arrangement.

As paidContent reported, QVC bought Oodle's American operations in December 2012. Adzuna has now acquired the U.K traffic from Oodle - which redirects traffic going to the Oodle U.K.'s homepage, job, property, and car categories to the Adzuna page. It wouldn't seem there would be much left, but Mobiya had purchased the traffic heading to other U.K. categories.

In other words, the U.K. version of Oodle has been carved up between two companies, while the U.S. property has stayed relatively in tact, but is under new management.