Online Survey to Address Strategic Online Payment and Billing Options

Mar 07, 2003


The CMO Council, a global affinity network of authority leaders in technology marketing, seeks input and perspective regarding alternative online payment options.  The "More Gain, Less Pain" Payment Poll sponsored by PaymentOne, EContent and Javelin Strategies & Research will address strategic online payment and billing options for ISP's and Content Providers. The CMO Council is seeking industry professionals to participate in this nationwide news making poll. Participants are asked to rate the state of their existing payment processing infrastructure and the effectiveness of customer revenue optimization. The "More Gain, Less Pain" Payment Poll also identifies strategies to attract and retain online customers and what improvements companies would like to see in their billing, settlement and collections process. Participants will receive a  free copy of the findings of this online payment survey. All individual responses are private and will be used only at an aggregated level.