Onix Introduces Equidox to Help Meet Web Accessibility Requirements

Dec 04, 2014

Onix Networking Corp. announced a new product offering called Equidox. It was developed to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, and other government Acts around the world. These Acts dictate that government and industry make websites accessible to visually impaired users.

Equidox is an automated solution that simplifies the process of discovering, converting, and publishing PDF documents to WCAG 2.0 compliant HTML. Manual PDF to HTML conversion requires a significant amount of time and HTML knowledge. Equidox automates the conversion process.

Onix developed Equidox to integrate with the Google Search Appliance (GSA) to help discover existing PDF documents. These documents are found in content sources such as public sites, internal intranet sites, file systems, and content management systems including SharePoint, Livelink, and Lotus Notes. The GSA crawls these content sources and builds a collection of PDF documents requiring conversion. Equidox integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, and local file systems, allowing users to import and convert PDFs as they are created.