OneSource Unveils Find Executive Module

Feb 28, 2003

OneSource Information Services, Inc., a provider of business information solutions, has announced a major enhancement to the OneSource Business Browser product line. The new Find Executives module allows OneSource subscribers to locate and research top prospects, previous champions, past colleagues, or board of director members by searching over 6 million executive names and 250,000 biographies at more than 1.7 million companies. OneSource has also added 50,000 new companies and 90,000 branch and subsidiary executives from the Directory of Corporate Affiliations. Both enhancements are available immediately to OneSource subscribers. Subscribers can now search over 15 sources of executive data, creating targeted lists of executives and colleagues. The new module supports: searches on first and last name; power searching by combinations of name, work functions, work location, industry, education, awards, and interest; and executive board search and identification of cross-board linkages. OneSource has also added 50,000 companies covered by the Directory of Corporate Affiliations (DCA) to the OneSource Business Browser product, bringing the total number of companies available in Global Business Browser, US Edition to 445,000. The DCA content adds 90,000 branch and subsidiary level executives to the 213,000 DCA parent company executives already available through OneSource Business Browser products. DCA company data is integrated with other sources of company and industry data, allowing screening, reporting, and exporting of company contact information, financials, and executive data. The Find Executives module is available in all Business Browser product editions; the Directory of Corporate Affiliations content has been added to all US product editions. These capabilities are included as part of the regular subscription price.