One in Five UK Workers Spend 32 Days a Year Managing Email

Nov 30, 2010

Star, a provider of on-demand computing and communication services to UK businesses, released results from an independent survey, revealing that one in five British workers use up a total of 32 working days a year managing email. The 2010 Star Email Survey also reveals that 57% of workers experience issues or are unable to retrieve an email that is three months old.

When asked about the systems they use to manage their inboxes, many workers admitted that they had no rules or filing systems in place to organize messages. The survey found that 42% of workers prefer to keep all emails in their main inboxes, without creating rules or folders. Eleven percent of respondents admitted that they have created dedicated folders but do not often use them, whilst only a small proportion, 6%, had created automated rules to store their emails. Interestingly, the over 55’s feel less swamped by email than their younger counterparts; more than half of this age group (54%) feel that they are completely in control of their email, compared to just 41% of those aged 16 – 34.