Omtool Releases Swiftwriter PDF Plug-In

Aug 22, 2003

Omtool has released Swiftwriter, an Adobe Acrobat plug-in that is targeted at law offices. The plug-in is designed to make it easier to create, profile, and save PDFs into document management systems (DMS), such as Hummingbird's DM, iManage's WorkSite, and Xerox's DocuShare.

Swiftwriter adds a "Save to DMS" toolbar icon and menu option to PDF viewers so documents can be profiled and saved on the fly, the first time a document is accessed. Swiftwriter also allows PDFs to be created from virtually any file format, including Word, Excel, and other commonly used law office applications. Swiftwriter is intended to reduce the number of steps previously required to process and save documents within a DMS. Swiftwriter makes it easier to enter documents into the system the first time they are viewed, which is critical in time-sensitive environments such as the law office.

Swiftwriter is the latest addition to Omtool's line of legal software designed to help law offices enhance the document messaging and management functionality of technology applications that they rely on every day, including fax, email, time, and billing and document management systems. Omtool's legal products integrate with these systems in an effort to ensure documents that are exchanged electronically are able to be tracked, assigned cost recovery codes, and secured according to internal and regulatory policies.

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