Omega Targets Legal Market with Filero Software

Aug 27, 2004

Omega, a provider of integrated accounting and practice management solutions to the legal and professional services sectors, has announced the launch of Filero, a law firm-wide information management system. Filero is designed to enable simple, full-text Web-based searches of all firm documents from any location. This single-click query enables lawyers or their assistants to search across all firm databases and applications to locate and use firm files, including emails, PDF files, billing records, audio or video, or even CAD/CAM drawings for court presentations. Omega will offer Filero--as well as Libero, a library management system--to the U.S. legal market as part of a distribution agreement with German software company LIB-IT GmbH.

Filero, available for all common server platforms and network environments, enables the storage, archiving, scanning, managing, full-text searching, issuing, tracking, and auditing of all kinds of information of any size. Filero also offers: document security (LDAP) as well as access to central information sources, including control of who has access to the files; tracking of version changes, enabling them to be logged, indexed, and searched; single point of content access through Web browsers; the ability to check out files, with detailed audit trails of who currently has the document and when it was last checked out; platform independence; single architecture design requiring a single server for most small to medium size firms; email management, including attachments; and customized views for each user. Filero and Libero are available from Omega now, with pricing between $450 and $650 per seat.