Old Mutual Holdings Selects Endeca

Nov 08, 2002

Old Mutual Holdings, an asset management company, has chosen to implement Endeca advanced search and Guided Navigation with added analytics and reporting capabilities. Endeca's technology, based on the Endeca Navigation Engine platform, is intended to enable Old Mutual to navigate and search through large amounts of data across its 24 affiliates worldwide to pinpoint and analyze information. Old Mutual will use Endeca's Guided Navigation and advanced search in an effort to enable executives to monitor operations and make decisions based on information revealed in a new analysis system. The new analysis system is designed to enable users to tap Guided Navigation for intuitive drill-down into product, portfolio, and financial data, as well as provide the ability for dynamic, ad hoc, Web-based reporting that can be shared across desktops for quick analysis and real-time decision-making among Old Mutual executives and management teams.

(http://www.endeca.com), (http://www.oldmutualus.com)