Offerpop Introduces Next-Generation Digital Marketing Platform

May 13, 2014

Offerpop, a software-as-a-service company, introduced a platform for driving consumer action throughout the customer lifecycle. Offerpop's new product suite empowers brands to capitalize on the mobile-social marketing opportunity with a platform that makes it easier for marketers to automate the collection of user-generated content at scale; aggregate data collected at each point of consumer interaction; showcase content in real-time across all marketing channels and devices; generate website visits, conversions and revenue.

Brands can turn websites into social hubs by gathering and showcasing user-generated photos and videos. With Connect by Offerpop, marketers can automatically reach out to consumers as content is submitted to collect contact and demographic data, as well as manage permissions for re-use.

Retailers and brands can now harness user-generated content to drive purchases and other consumer activity. With Activate by Offerpop, brands can enrich consumer content with promotional content and showcase it in visual galleries.

Marketers can build consumer relationships with a suite of mobile-optimized applications powering social experiences across a brand's social networks and owned digital properties.