Oddcast Launches Two Productivity Products for Corporate Elearning Market

Nov 11, 2003


Oddcast, a developer and distributor of rich media software solutions for the elearning and emarketing markets, has announced the launch of two new corporate elearning content development products. Both of the new products, [V]Host Simulator and [V]Host FAQ, are designed to bring interactive learning objects to life in ways that engage users, transforming them from passive viewers into active participants who are responsive to elearning content. The [V]Host products allow companies to author real-time interaction using virtual instructors.

[V]Host Simulator speeds the deployment of virtual character role-playing scenarios.  [V]Host FAQ provides a framework for delivering online answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) on demand as part of online training or support programs. ASP delivery speeds deployment and eliminates the need for special software on either the operator's or the end user's system. [V]Host FAQ provides training, as well as help desk and support functions. [V]Host Simulator uses virtual instructors to train employees in scenarios that reflect typical business situations. Both products have reporting capabilities, tracking training progress and results by student, department, and regional divisions. The two products can be purchased as stand-alone solutions or as integrated elements in a more comprehensive [V]Host Learning Suite.