Octigon Announces Octane8 Version 5.0

Apr 27, 2004


Octigon, a provider of enterprise software solutions, has announced the availability of Octane8 5.0, the latest version of its content management software, which offers a.NET architecture and focuses on faster performance, Web Standards compliance, and improved usability. The software includes a site development suite, application deployment platform, and enterprise content management system. An additional application suite includes a Digital Dashboard, Document Library, Online Form Builder, Shopping Cart, and others.

Migrating version 5.0 to the .NET platform is intended to improve the software's performance, scalability, and security, while increasing Octane8's integration capabilities with existing applications. At the heart of Octane8 5.0 lies an updated, cross platform, cross browser user interface. The new Flash-based interface enables Octigon to reproduce the desktop experience in a standard web browser over http. The new content editor also supports the output of standards-compliant, validating XHTML. Along with the use of client side source code, Octane8 5.0 allows site designers and developers to leverage Cascading Stylesheet Technology (CSS) to deliver sites that can be viewed on a cell phone, PDA, or screen reader device.

Octane8 5.0 will be available starting June 1, 2004. Pricing for Octane8 5.0 ranges between $7,500 and $22,500 depending on selected modules. Add-on Applications are sold individually or in bundled packages. Training, consulting, and programming services are also available. Octane8 requires Microsoft Windows 2000 server or greater, running IIS 5.0 and above, and a Microsoft SQL or Oracle database.