Obinary Releases Magnolia 1.1 Enterprise CMS

Jan 20, 2004

Obinary has announced the immediate availability of Magnolia 1.1, a free Java-based enterprise-content management system (CMS). Features include caching and new example templates including server side image resizing. Magnolia installers and updaters for all major operating systems are available for download online. Magnolia 1.1 includes an improved caching mechanism that is designed to automatically deliver the best possible performance for dynamically created Web pages, while maintaining full authentication mechanisms. New sample templates demonstrate the use of server side image resizing, which allows storing images independently of their display dimensions. The same source image can thus be displayed in several sizes, for example to have thumbnails and "show detail" functionality. Numerous small interface improvements and a streamlined and renamed core API have also been added to Magnolia. All documentation has been updated to reflect the new API.

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