Obama Asks What #40dollars Means to Americans

Feb 14, 2012

Starting today, the Obama administration will renew its #40dollars Twitter campaign, according to ReadWriteWeb. The President posted a 40-second video on YouTube in which he asks supporters to use the #40dollars hashtag or to add comments on the White House website.

Originally launched this past December, the campaign asked Twitter users to use the hashtag and post the value of $40, the amount that would have been cut from the average American's weekly paycheck under a Republican tax proposal. The December campaign became a worldwide trend on Twitter within 45 minutes of the White House announcement and generated 6,000 tweets per hour.

Republicans started a similar #1000days campaign -- the amount of time since Senate Democrats passed a federal budget -- prior to President Obama's State of the Union address. However, the #1000days campaign was not as successful.