OIT Releases PowerIndexing Version 9

Dec 20, 2005

Optical Image Technology, Inc. has announced the new version of DocFinity PowerIndexing. The re-write is designed to improve the ease-of-use and advance the configuration options.

DocFinity PowerIndexing is a software module used in conjunction with the DocFinity Suite for document management. PowerIndexing's purpose is to provide a way for users to index images and files such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, and other files in the DocFinity system for storage and subsequent electronic retrieval. For the new re-write, special attention was given to the end-user experience and easier configuration for administrators. The user interface has been re-designed in the new PowerIndexing to show only critical information. Existing methods for more advanced data entry like screen-scraping, external database validation, creating required fields, establishing field formats, and populating table-based drop-down lists, have been streamlined in this version and can give administrators more control over the quality of the indexing.

The configuration for administrators has been consolidated to simplify tasks. Administrators can design schemes to tailor the data entry process for each user. They can also set up schemes for each type of document so that users can select the scheme that corresponds with the page or batch being indexed. Also, the administrator can create required fields and drop-down options so that the information entered is complete and correct.