OIT Announces Version 9 Release of Two Software Products

Mar 03, 2006

Optical Image Technology (OIT) has announced the Version 9 release of two products to enhance the DocFinity suite of Document Management and Workflow software. The products, which include DocFinity Dashboard/Statboard and DocFinity Reports, were developed by CDMS, an OIT business partner. They have new automated reporting and auditing capabilities that provide businesses with access to detailed reports.

The main focus of the products is on automated workflow reporting, audit capabilities that meet HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley legislative requirements, employee productivity, and inventory reporting. The new release allows for customizable reports and charts that can be produced and accessed securely over the Internet, drawing from the data a company stores within the DocFinity electronic storage system. Both products were upgraded in the Fall of 2005 and are now available to all of Optical Image Technology's customers.