OECD Launches New Primer

Dec 02, 2008

OECD Publishing’s new primer "OECD Insights: Sustainable Development" is being published using low-carbon publishing technology. "OECD Insights: Sustainable Development" will be launched in an Angus & Robertson bookshop in Melbourne, Australia using one of Time Magazine's Inventions of the Year - the Espresso Book Machine from On Demand Inc. Each copy sold will save 5.8kg in carbon emissions. On Demand Inc's Espresso Book Machine uses an electronic file to produce the book where it is sold, copy-by-copy, as and when they are needed. There is no need to batch print, transport, or store too many copies. The launch of this book is an international collaboration between OECD Publishing in Paris, On Demand Books, Inc. in New York, the major Australian bookselling chain Angus & Robertson, and DA Information Services, the Australian book wholesaler.

(www.oecd.org, www.ondemandbooks.com)