OCLC’s WorldCat Registry Helps Libraries Manage and Share Data

Mar 02, 2007

OCLC has launched the WorldCat Registry, a directory for libraries and consortia, and the services they provide. The WorldCat Registry is designed to help libraries and consortia manage and share data that define their organizations--such as institution type, location, URLs for electronic services, circulation statistics, and population served--through a single, authoritative web platform. Profile data in the WorldCat Registry can include details such as branch library locations that can be used as part of WorldCat.org, the web service that allows free access to a resource for finding materials held in libraries, designed to enable searchers to find what they need at the nearest library.

Any institution or consortium--OCLC members and non-members alike--can use the WorldCat Registry to share their profile with other libraries, technology vendors, econtent providers, funding agencies, and other parties that could benefit from access. A WorldCat Registry profile is shared via a special web link that provides instant, read-only access to current data. A WorldCat Registry profile will let an institution or consortium maintain and share information, such as: institution name, "also known as" alias, and type; identifying codes issued by industry organizations; physical location; consortia memberships; parent-child relationships (main and branch institutions); computer-network IP addresses; web-based services such as online catalog, "Ask-a" virtual reference, and OpenURL servers; budgetary and service statistics; and administrative contacts.

Sensitive information such as personal IP addresses and contact names, phone numbers or email addresses are not made publicly available in the WorldCat Registry. Web services that allow the query and retrieval of specific Registry data by online applications are also available. Two web services have been released for free, non-commercial use as part of the WorldCat Affiliate Program at the WorldCat website.

(http://worldcat.org/affiliate/default.jsp; www.oclc.org)