OCLC Highlights Publisher Pages Prototype

Oct 28, 2010

OCLC is releasing a new OCLC Research prototype, WorldCat Publisher Pages. The prototype tool presents a page each for more than 1800 publishers from around the world and is an outgrowth of the OCLC Publisher Name Authority File, as well as the OCLC WorldMap and the OCLC Audience Level activities.

WorldCat Publisher Pages repurposes results from the OCLC WorldMap and Audience Level prototypes to create rich portraits of global publishers identified in the Publisher Name Authority File. The tool allows users to select a major publisher, and then to explore its publication history as reflected in the WorldCat database. Users can select a publisher either from a cloud or via search.

For each publisher, WorldCat Publisher Pages presents an overview of the organization's "footprint" in WorldCat, including an authoritative name for the publisher, the location of its headquarters, the authors most associated with the publisher, the languages for the publisher's books, the subjects in which it has published, and other information.

The company notes that, as a prototype, generating publisher relationships cannot be entirely automated at this time and that the data is only current as of March 2010. The company also announced that it currently has no plans to update the data.