O-yA! Introduces E-Series and Discovery Devices

Feb 03, 2006

O-yA! has unveiled the release of its new E-Series of private enterprise search and discovery devices. With the release of the E-Series DeepSearch Devices, O-yA! can deliver a range of Private Search and Discovery Devices designed to enhance Legal and Financial operations of any size.

Deployed across an enterprise, O-yA! DeepSearch devices deliver an information search platform that allows any authorized employee to search an entire company's enterprise down to the individual PC desktop level. The O-yA! E-Series DeepSearch Discovery Devices use an Auto Discovery feature that finds every storage device on the network including PC's, file servers, and Web servers. This feature also allows the administrator of the Discovery Device to identify and potentially update password protected storage devices on the network for quick access. The O-yA! Discovery Devices are small and transportable and can be installed within minutes.

The O-yA! E-Series enhances the DeepSearch devices line, including the DeepSearch100 (DS100), with new features that include increased indexing capacity, clustering capabilities, and auto discovery. The E-Series DeepSearch Devices are each designed to index up to 500,000 documents. With the new clustering capabilities feature, indexing documents is scalable to meet Legal and Financial business demands by adding more DeepSearch Devices to their enterprise as their need for a larger document search grows. The clustering capabilities also include federation capabilities that allow users, with the appropriate permissions, to search files on any E-Series device within the entire office enterprise, including sharing information across all company departments.