Nuxeo Releases Open Source ECM Platform Nuxeo EP 5.0.0.GA

Feb 09, 2007

Nuxeo has released a new version of Nuxeo EP 5.0, an open source ECM platform. Nuxeo EP has been designed to be fully extensible and customizable, both for contributors to participate in the project, and for system integrators to build customers' applications. Nuxeo EP is open source software, under a business-friendly license (EPL and/or LGPL), developed in the open and supported by Nuxeo SAS and third party system integrators and ISVs.

Features of this release include: full document lifecycle, including versioning, check-in/check-out, etc.; access rights management; workflow, including document approval; the ability to show relations between documents; audit trails; drag'n'drop document management inside the web browser; and desktop and office suite integration using plugins for IE, Firefox, and MSOffice.