Nuxeo Releases New Responsive, Configurable and Extensible Web UI

Aug 01, 2017


Nuxeo, maker of a cloud-native content services platform, announced the release of Web UI, a brand new web client for the Nuxeo Platform. Nuxeo’s Web UI is built on a modern JavaScript stack (Polymer), leveraging Web Components to provide a responsive, configurable, and extensible user interface that delivers a compelling new user experience (UX). With this latest release, users can efficiently find and work with content most relevant to them. This personalization enables business users to get work done quickly and efficiently by automatically presenting them with their most commonly used actions, such as recently created documents and previews of pending workflow tasks.

By leveraging Web Components, developers can create content-rich applications on the Nuxeo Platform with reusable elements and templates for more productive application development. Nuxeo’s Web UI requires minimal coding to create compelling, content-rich user experiences.

The Web UI is also customizable and able to cater to the specific needs of an organization, whether their priorities are digital asset management, enterprise content management, or case management. Employing a flexible data model in an easily configurable solution allows users to extract virtually any data related to their digital assets, gaining real-time visibility into trends and opportunities in their content performance and process to accelerate business activity and reduce costs, and desktops out of the box.