Nuxeo Drive Released

Apr 30, 2013

Nuxeo, a provider of a content management platform for business applications, announced the availability of Nuxeo Drive, a desktop synchronization client that automates the content updating process between local desktops and the content repository. Nuxeo Drive works with all applications built on the Nuxeo Platform, including document management, DAM, case management, and custom content-centric applications.

Nuxeo Drive installs a light client on the desktop, establishes a secure connection to the repository and updates content when a change is detected, either locally or in the Nuxeo repository.

Nuxeo Drive is customizable. Written in Python, Nuxeo Drive is available as native binary for most operating systems. The synchronization client is based on an open RESTful protocol. Nuxeo Drive is open source, with code available on GitHub.