Nuxeo Announces New Connectors and a Bolstered AI Framework for its Content Services Platform

Aug 29, 2019

Nuxeo, a cloud-native Content Services Platform, announced the general availability of its Nuxeo Sitecore Connector and Aspera connector, as well as a new version of its Adobe Creative Cloud Connector.

Nuxeo has also enhanced its connectivity to third-party AI services that complement Nuxeo Insight Cloud, the company’s powerful AI offering that enables enterprises to employ machine learning models that non-technical users can use and train with their own specific data sets.

New and enhanced connectors for the Nuxeo Content Services Platform include:

  • Nuxeo Sitecore Connector: Enables users to access to the Nuxeo repository from within their Sitecore web content management environment to search and browse available content. The connector also allows for the ability to copy content from Nuxeo into Sitecore. 
  • Aspera Connector: Allows enterprises to execute common Aspera file transfer acceleration tasks from within the Nuxeo UI. With the connector, users can leverage Aspera to bulk upload local files to Nuxeo, share a transfer with others who contribute metadata, modify metadata values for objects individually or in bulk, monitor and manage transfers, and download assets from the repository.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: This existing Nuxeo connector has been enhanced with a richer search experience that includes full-text search against all asset properties and related objects (i.e., title, tag, and usage rights, product, talent, etc.), and the ability to narrow search scope to particular folders. The new version of the Nuxeo Adobe CC connector also features a better browsing experience, improved upload capabilities, and other additions.


Nuxeo Insight Cloud Features AI Enrichment Framework

Nuxeo Insight Cloud is the first artificial intelligence (AI) offering that enables enterprises to employ machine learning models that non-technical users can use and train with their own specific data sets, which automates and delivers greater intelligence to content-driven processes. Augmenting and bolstering Nuxeo Insight Cloud, the new AI enrichment framework enables enterprises to also configure and derive results from any number of public AI services seamlessly.

Unlike basic connectors to Google Vision or Amazon Rekognition, and other services that return generic metadata tags and attributes, the AI enrichment framework helps customers configure any number of services to return results from third-party AI services seamlessly, normalize them, feed any metadata field or schema they desire, and do it at any scale — from a single image to a billion.

The Nuxeo AI enrichment framework currently includes connectors to seven public AI services, including Amazon Textract, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Translate, Amazon Rekognition Image, Amazon Rekognition Video, Google Vision, and SightEngine. Incorporating additional third-party AI services, such as Google Doc Understanding, into its enrichment framework is in the company’s short-term roadmap.

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