Nstein Technologies Partners with Visual Analytics

Mar 11, 2005


Nstein Technologies Inc., a provider of linguistic-based Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, and Visual Analytics Inc., a provider of pattern discovery and information sharing solutions, have entered into a strategic partnership. The partnership is intended to provide homeland security and intelligence agencies with a fully-integrated platform for collecting, analyzing, translating, sharing, and visually representing structured and unstructured multilingual data. Under the terms of the agreement both parties will engage in co-marketing and sales initiatives.

The partnership offers analysts, law enforcement, anti-money laundering, and counter-terrorism professionals a platform that is designed to analyze unstructured data in all major languages. The platform also includes visual rendering and link analysis coupled with Nstein's analytics and automated translation technology in all major languages.

VAI's technologies are designed to allow organizations to keep control and oversight of their data while at the same time securely sharing their data with other organizations or agencies. These tools also remove the need for data to be translated into a central repository.
(www.nstein.com; www.visualanalytics.com)