Nstein Signs Two New Sales Agreements; Announces Changes to Board of Directors

Jan 07, 2003


Nstein Technologies Inc. has signed two agreements with le Service de Développement des Technologies de l'Information (SDTI) and United Press International (UPI), totaling revenues of approximately $300,000 CDN.

Nstein's agreement with SDTI will enable Canadian companies to benefit over the next few months from new ecommerce service innovations. SDTI will use Nstein's categorization technology to precisely "localize" the business information contained in thousands of documents so that they can be more rapidly disseminated throughout their clients' enterprises. Within the framework of this three-year agreement, SDTI also expects to be collaborating with the CIRANO research team at the University of Montreal's "Inter-University Centre for Organizational Research and Analysis", and with RALI (Laboratoire de recherche appliquée en linguistique informatique). It is expected that significant investment towards the development and adoption of additional software functionality will arise as a further outcome of this agreement.

Nstein has also announced the licensing of its newly-launched Arabic Concept Extractor to United Press International. UPI owns and distributes many publications worldwide in many languages, including Arabic. The "Arabic Extractor" will provide UPI the ability to index its Arabic content automatically, facilitating quick retrieval and the ability to find similar documents. Nstein counts itself among the few companies that provide powerful CAI (Computer-Aided Indexing) solutions in Arabic, thus empowering users for better navigation, search and information retrieval. Arabic joins the list of other languages already available through Nstein: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Czech, Polish, and Turkish.

Mario Girard, Nstein's Chairman and CEO is pleased to announce the appointment of Yves H. Boucher to the company's Board of Directors. Boucher's nomination follows the departure of Bernard Verreault from the Board. Boucher joined the Board of Directors from his position as Vice President and CFO at Nstein, which he vacated as of December 31st, 2002. Financial responsibilities previously held by Boucher will be assumed by Mario Girard and the company's Finance Director, Bruno Martel.

(http://www.nstein.com), (http://www.upi.com)