Nstein Launches TME 5

Jun 05, 2009


Nstein Technologies Inc., a provider of digital publishing solutions for newspapers, magazines, and online content providers, has announced the release of TME 5, an upgrade to its Text Mining Engine. New features include Web 3.0 compliance, linguistic enhancements, and a suite of management. TME 5.0 will provide new taxonomies and individuals' names--pre-categorized as politicians, celebrities and athletes. TME 5 supports faceted sentiment analysis, which tells an editor not only if an article is positive or negative--but the tone toward any given subject within the story. TME 5 will also offer a suite of five administration modules to manage the different components to generating metadata, namely documents, authority files, taxonomies, and ontologies. TME parses sentences identifying and extracting their grammatical elements, and uses a refined combination of semantic and computational analysis to determine the "aboutness" of any document, calculate a "linguistic DNA", and use that calculation to find other pieces of content that closely match it.