Nstein Introduces Version 3.0 of Nserver suite CM Platform

Jun 10, 2003

Nstein Technologies Inc., a provider of unstructured content management solutions, has launched version 3.0 of its content management platform, Nserver suite, which includes Nstein's concept extraction, categorization, entity extraction, and newly-launched guided navigation modules. One enhancement is the new guided navigation module called Nretriever. Nretriever is a navigation and retrieval tool that uses Nstein's LDNA technology to gather and cluster search results into logical, hierarchically-displayed groups, allowing the user to more easily zero in on what they are looking for. The Nretriever also enables efficient, contextually-driven searches across the organization. Finally Nstein's Nretriever technology can power revenue-generating models for e-publishers as well as for firms competing in the contextual advertising market by linking advertisers to users in a more effective manner. Within Nserver suite, Nstein offers specific indexing products like the Nconcept Extractor that extracts and displays concepts that are present in documents. Nconcept Extractor 3.0 now includes enhanced extraction and ranking algorithms for both complex and simple concepts (i.e. key phrases and keywords). Ncategorizer 3.0 (Nstein's categorization product) now includes improved categorization algorithms as well as a new rule-based layer that allows content managers to define domain-specific indexing & business rules. Nfinder 3.0 (Nstein's entity extraction product) now extracts, out of the box and in several languages, two new entity types of Dates & Times (ISO 8601 standard) and Currencies (ISO 4217 standard). Nfinder is now also available with a browser-based Authority File & Taxonomy Manager module that allows customers to modify their authority files without requiring programming expertise. Finally, Nlikethis 3.0 (Nstein's search enhancement product) was significantly enhanced, improving its accuracy & processing speed and decreasing its repository size. Nserver now comes bundled with new configuration and administration tools that allow Nstein's partners more complete control over Nserver's installation and configuration process. Nserver now provides robust, full-featured Unicode services throughout all of its technology components. The most current version of the Unicode standard is supported. Nserver 3.0 is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Czech, Polish, and Russian. Other languages can be included upon request.