Nosto Launches A/B Testing and Optimization to Make Testing Personalized Content Easy for Ecommerce Retailers

Oct 03, 2019

Nosto, a global leader in e-commerce personalization and artificial intelligence for retail, is announcing the general release of its A/B Testing & Optimization (ABTO) solution. The new offering enables digital retailers to execute, optimize, and learn from sophisticated A/B and multivariate tests across Nosto’s complete set of onsite personalization products. They can test the performance of multiple variations of elements such as personalized recommendations, banner images, or call-to-action copy, across any number of pages.

Platform enhancements announced today include:

  1. Campaign & Experience Testing: Nosto’s solution enables merchants to launch both powerful multivariate experience tests across multiple pages and site elements, as well as simpler A/B and split tests that compare the performance of individual campaign elements on a page, all with the same easy-to-use interface.
  2. Merchandising Insights:  Nosto is the only personalization solution on the market that enables merchants to discover actionable insights into which products and brands consumers are most likely to purchase via test results. Unlike other testing solutions that simply show which variation won, Nosto helps merchants understand how different imagery, copy, and calls-to-action affect the sales of their actual product catalog. These insights then enable merchants to target customers who take certain onsite actions with specific products and brand content they have an affinity for, further increasing the impact of their investment in personalization.
  3. Continuous Optimization: A/B testing in e-commerce typically involves some amount of revenue loss as both losing and winning variants are required to show a proportion of visitors for the period of a test. Nosto minimizes revenue loss with sophisticated machine learning algorithms that adjust the flow of site traffic to the highest performing test variations in real-time as soon as tests start to show statistically significant results. This reduces risk in testing, ensuring that low performing variations have a minimal negative impact on a retailer’s business, and helps merchants “set and forget” tests with the comfort that the best version of their site is showing to each shopper at any point in time.

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