Norwegian Public Sector Information Portal and Rakuten, Inc. Deploy FAST Data Search

Dec 16, 2003

Fast Search & Transfer (FAST), a developer of enterprise search and real-time alerting technologies, and, the official Norwegian Government access portal for public information on the Internet, have announced that FAST Data Search is now fully powering the search capabilities of the portal site. FAST Data Search, FAST's enterprise search solution, combines search and real-time filtering technology with product modularity, advanced functionality and predefined integration. FAST and have collaborated in refining the search capabilities of the portal with the addition of customized classification and categorization, in addition to advanced linguistic features for Norwegian (both "bokmål" and "nynorsk") and samisk.

The Web site was established by the central government authorities and the board of the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities to provide a joint access point to all Norwegian public sector information on the Web. The service is designed for use by the general public and government officials at all levels. The service is part of the Norwegian Government program "A simpler Norway". The service is owned by the Ministry of Labour and Government Administration. The Norwegian Central Information Service has the overall editorial responsibility for the site including quality, development, and budget. A user group and an advisory reference group have taken part in the consultative process to develop the service. The team responsible for editing is located at the Office of the County Governor of Sogn and Fjordane in Leikanger, west Norway. The members of the team are responsible for the ongoing technical maintenance and operation of the service.

FAST has also announced that Rakuten, Inc. has deployed FAST Data Search to power the search capabilities of Rakuten Ichiba, a Japanese ecommerce portal. Rakuten Ichiba includes over 13,941 registered businesses and receives an average of over 25 million page views per day. FAST Data Search offers a combination of real-time search technology, business search management tools, and information analysis capabilities. The FAST Data Search product suite is designed to supply a complete information retrieval solution for vertical markets and applications including ecommerce and internet portals, financial services; government; life sciences; media and publishing; and telecom.

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