Northern Light Introduces Research Tool for Enterprise Customers

Dec 09, 2003

Northern Light Group, LLC has announced that it will introduce the Northern Light Business Research Library on January 15, 2004. Powered by the Northern Light Enterprise Search Engine, the Business Research Library is a paid service for enterprise customers containing a collection of Web content specially selected to be of high value to business professionals as well as a collection of 1,900 periodical titles. All of the content in the periodicals collection will be available in full page-image format showing all the pictures, tables, and charts in the original articles. The Northern Light Business Research Library, which will be available at, will be free of advertising.

The Business Research Library includes: the Business Web--over 100 million pages of Web content editorially selected to be relevant for business research; full-text articles from trade journals; business wires; and local and regional newspapers. All content in the Business Research Library is classified to over 50 industries and categorized using Northern Light's classification software to its business taxonomy in order to allow users to target relevant content. The Business Research Library is designed to meet the needs of business professionals who do their own research and of enterprise information centers that support this kind of end-user. Northern Light's Business Research Library allows companies to offer a research solution for every desktop that includes unlimited searching and document downloads. There are no connection fees, search fees, per-user fees, or page- view or per-document fees.

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