North Plains Systems Announces TeleScope Gemini

Jul 02, 2004


North Plains Systems Corp., a provider of enterprise digital asset management (E-DAM) solutions, has announced an integrated enterprise digital asset management and workflow automation solution, TeleScope Gemini. The TeleScope Gemini solution is targeted to marketing groups, creative service organizations, and agencies that must work with internal or external teams to create and approve rich media content. TeleScope Gemini is a workflow automation system that is designed to provide project management, resource management, and collaboration services combined with the power of the TeleScope Enterprise digital asset management solution. TeleScope Gemini delivers an end-to-end management application for the conceptualization, creation, review, and distribution process. TeleScope Gemini provides an integrated dashboard interface allowing users to view their assigned tasks, review project details, submit an asset for team review, and browse assets from either a native or Web client on the Macintosh or Windows platforms. The solution allows managers to graphically design best practice workflows and monitor the status of each task and resource involved in the workflow. The TeleScope Gemini E-DAM and workflow automation solution will be available Q3 2004.