North Plains Launches Rebrand and New Positioning

Nov 05, 2012

North Plains announced it has launched a rebrand of its company, including a new mission and visual identity. North Plains has redefined its mission to help its customers --  including marketers, content creators and publishers -- to unleash the power of their visual media in order to better communicate with target audiences. North Plains unveiled a fresher, more agile brand and visual identity that focuses on empowering customers to better leverage the influx of visual content created.

As part of the rebrand, North Plains has developed a new website to help customers stay connected. North Plains' customers now have the necessary product, services, and case study information easily accessible on the site. In addition, North Plains has also developed a new logo to reflect its dedication to empowering customers to leverage the constellation of visual content and connect with their key audiences.

North Plains' products, Telescope and Xinet, address customers' needs to create, manage, and distribute visual content. The Xinet solution offers file-based management of work-in-progress (WIP) of visual content for agencies and publishers. TeleScope provides management for access, use, and distribution of visual content across an enterprise organization and its extended partners.