North Plains Announces Video Manager v 2.0

Apr 24, 2007

North Plains, a provider of digital asset management (DAM) software and solutions, has announced the availability of its latest addition to its suite of solutions, TeleScope Video Manager v2.0. A component of TeleScope, Video Manager v2.0 is a solution for organizations that create, ingest, and distribute all types of video assets. Video Manager v2.0 aids in the creation of long-form, short-form and web-based video content. Offering a tool set and deep integration with digital editing suites, such as Avid and Apple's Final Cut Pro, Video Manager 2.0 supports all essential video management and playback mechanisms; including clip creation, video streaming, storyboarding, closed-caption display, searching, and rough-cut editing, directly within TeleScope. Video Manager v2.0 provides its full feature set on the Macintosh, Windows, and web-based client platforms. Also included in Video Manager 2.0: improved security control; expanded dual time coordinate system; user interface enhancements; improved clip handling; multi-clip "Play All" enhancements; open captioning capabilities; annotation palette; and enhanced integration with partners: Avid, Telestream, and Virage.