North Plains Announces TeleScope Enterprise for Mac OS X

Jun 14, 2005

North Plains Systems Corp., a provider of digital asset management software and solutions, has announced that TeleScope Enterprise, its digital asset management application, will now support Tiger Server and Xsan, Apple's 64-bit cluster file system for Xserve RAID storage hardware.

TeleScope Enterprise is a digital asset management application. TeleScope intends to build on the price-performance advantages of Apple's Xsan storage array in the video production, printing, and publishing markets. It serves as a software platform for integrating and organizing media production tools such as Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, Digimarc ImageBridge, Microsoft Office, Microsoft PowerPoint, Telestream FlipFactory, QuarkXPress and Virage VideoLogger.

Designed for Global 2000 customers, TeleScope Enterprise is designed to allow IT and business managers to create a digital media supply chain for the creation, management and distribution of media. Its SOAP-based APIs and XML gateways are designed to enable cost-effective integration with existing enterprise IT investments such as enterprise content management systems, customer resources management systems, and enterprise information portals.

TeleScope organizes the range of creative teams and business managers that create and deploy media throughout an organization. As a result, scattered collections of digital media files and their often dissociated business practices are transformed into a repository of digital assets, business processes, and intellectual property. TeleScope Enterprise allows the purposeful access of digital media assets throughout an organization for reuse, repurposing or re-expression.

In the broadcast, media, and entertainment industries, TeleScope is designed to provide the central media management engine for applications such as video on demand, broadcast automation, video publishing to the Web, and video data-mining and archiving.